[frostwork + a note]





*OK–  This post marks the end of my second “365” challenge here on Fictional Machines–  Well, sort of…

The official rules of a 365 day challenge would require one post per day for an entire year (Which is how it all went down the first time I pushed myself to finish such a huge project a couple of years ago.).  I decided to break the rules a little bit this time around–  Creating  and publishing 365 new pages of artwork all within the last 68 days!  Not sure if that counts or not–  And, to be honest, I really don’t care.  Close enough.

When I traveled down this road a couple of years ago the entire project became overly complicated and somewhat annoying (I had decided to make each month its own specific set of images with a line or two of writing for each page that made an overarching poem or story for that particular month).  By the time the last couple of months rolled around I’m pretty sure most of the audience watching was as tired of the challenge as I was.

This time, for round two–  365 pages of artwork were broken up into 41 posts and scattered across just 68 days on the calendar (Most posts contained either 5 or 10 pages each, but two post contained 50 or more pages.).

I do want to say thank you to all of you guys for stopping by and continuing to show your support–  I really do appreciate it!  If anyone else out there is interested in purchasing any prints, drawings or paintings (Or even if you would just like to show your support by making a donation toward the large-scale projects I am currently working on offline) please send an email and let me know!