The Hidden Spring [Thirty Images]

*I have had a lot going on the last few weeks and have not been publishing as much as usual this month- There will be more soon, including a new series of drawings that are quite different than what I typically work on.

I still have original ink drawings for sale at – Every purchase is safely and securely processed by either Paypal or Stripe. I have been covering half the cost of shipping and including free photo prints with every order (I was very generous with the last order and tossed in a bunch of extra free stuff). If you are a longtime subscriber please consider supporting my work!



2 thoughts on “The Hidden Spring [Thirty Images]

  1. Once again, an exciting mini-journey. The headline aroused interest immediately. My first thought, there will be no spring. Josh has hidden it. But then the greenery still appears here and there, of course water is the source of this annual transformation. My own interpretation then becomes double-edged.

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    1. Thank you for another great comment, Hans! Glad you enjoyed this set so much- The month of May was incredibly busy over here, so I decided to just post a few huge sets of 30 or more images instead of trying to find the time to post multiple times each week. Hope all is going well over there, take care!


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