4 thoughts on “Sleepwalking

  1. Gorgeous. And love the new store (I was actually looking for a store on your site just a few weeks ago, grins) Your works are stunning, my friend… Incredible work, Josh. Har I want to own every piece. Will save for one of your skulls. Oddly, I’ve been possessed with a very similar impulse and have been venturing back into drawing and writing- the kind I used to do nearly two decades ago, by hand, out in nature. Anyway, LOVING these works. Wishing you a grand good week- autumn jade

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    1. Hi Autumn Jade- Thank you for such a great comment! Glad to hear that you like the store– I spent a few weeks on it and completely changed how it looked / How it was set up a few different times! If you decide to purchase one I am including a free photo print or two with every purchase. Yes, I know exactly what you mean– I have been trying to spend as much time as possible in nature (Either drawing or exploring with the camera) for years and as sad as it sounds it is one of the only things that still makes me happy! Thanks for the feedback, best of luck with the return to the writing and drawing and hope you have a great week as well!


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