12 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. It’s a little difficult to express my reaction in English when I see your works. Your color scheme still appeals to me, nor does it compete with your text in the pictures. The combination will be a very inspiring way to convey what you want. I wish I could get there also in my own development.

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    1. Thank you, Hans! I think your English is very good, actually! I have been messing around with combining images and words since I was very young and I thought I could make my own comic books… It takes time, like all good things. Photography was originally a way for me to escape the studio while spending huge amounts of time writing, drawing and painting– And now I actually find myself devoting more time and energy to the photography!


      1. Google sometimes helps. I understand you, photography has always been a part of my life since my teens. As you may have seen in the posts, an unification with the life around us is my biggest impulsion. Then I automatically end up in nature, which also means an escape from societal obligations. It has, of course, been greatly facilitated when I withdrew from wage slavery last year.

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      2. I know precisely what you mean! I have upgraded my camera and equipment a few times over the years, but the process and experience has remained the same (And I am grateful for that). Oh, and congratulations on escaping from the wage slavery– I once spent a couple years as a corporate manager and I hope to never have to go through that type of experience ever again.


  2. “Does anyone really want to be free?” – No, if it means, someone wants to be free from the guiding lights of imaginations about future things to come on his own individual dreams for his life, or be it as all the soulcatching religious, philosphical or politic ideologies with the only one-way open arms of their communities.

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