21 thoughts on “Where All Things Fade

  1. Glad to see your blog active again!
    As the administrative district of 1.220 km² where I live, situated between Hamburg, Hannover and Berlin, is countryside with small villages and towns, it is easier to cope with the mood and to keep some healthy distance.

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    1. Thank you! Glad to see that your blog is still active as well and that you are doing good! I know what you mean– I have been living in a very rural area for over a year now. There are already many cases confirmed in my state… I have been using this as an excuse to isolate at home, mostly (Working on many creative projects, reading books, resting, etc.).

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  2. Ho sentito la tua mancanza perché mi piacciono i tuoi lavori.
    Condivido il tuo invito a staccare di tanto in tanto una sorta di purificazione da internet.
    Covid 19: Italia sotto assedio. Roma dove vivo ‘ leggermente ‘ meno preoccupante. Grazie per chiederlo.
    La storia ci dice che anche questo brutto momento di pandemia avrà fine dopo il suo percorso.

    Auguri e ben tornato.

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    1. Hi Shera– Thank you for such a great message, and for all of the support over the years! I have been following this thing very closely, day by day, and I am very familiar with the current situation in Italy. Try to stay positive and healthy, as much as possible, this will probably keep going for many months… There are already many confirmed cases in the state I am in (In the US). I think we are about a week or two behind Italy, but I believe we will be in very similar circumstances soon… Best wishes to you as well, be safe! –Josh


      1. Ho letto qualche commento sul tuo blog e vedo che anche in Germania il virus sta andando forte.
        Spero bene per voi perché avvantaggio noi italiani abbiamo un servizio sanitario nazionale gratuito e credo che questo stia facendo la differenza.
        Trump sul coronavirus perderà le elezioni avendo Azzerato il lavoro fatto da Obama per una sanità più accessibile.
        Ho sentito che ha già stanziato 5 miliardi…
        Take care my friend 🌷

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    1. Hi Jurgen! Thank you so much for the comment, glad to see that you are still working and continuing to create great art over there! Thank you for all of the support over the years. It looks like this is going to be the strangest year yet, stay safe and healthy over there, take care!

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  3. Thanks Josh ! Indeed, strange times, no school, no sports, no clubmusic…and our big shoppinghall empty , no more food to buy….all signs of a little panic ! Take care too, all the best , Jürgen !


  4. Glad to see your blog after your absence. I was also absent but only for a few months. I moved twice in the last year. Things are more settled now. The mood of the country is changing. No one is sure how long this crisis will last. Thanks for showing your art and photography once again. Take care, Lee

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    1. Hi Lee, good to hear from you! Sometimes taking a break from the internet is the best thing to do. Moving sucks, went through that myself about a year ago, but I had this feeling like it was going to hit the fan, luckily moved to a very rural area and escaped the city before all of this ramped up. Yeah, it’s not looking good. I have been watching raw video from around the world since January, not good. My sources are saying to expect total upheaval plus possible lock down for most of the year and I hope they are wrong. Oh, and no problem, thanks for sharing your art and writing as well!


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