11 thoughts on “03072016

  1. Hello..Particular to this post.. have you read E. Bernays?.. his work was and is important in mass media.. used in ads.. propaganda to the suggestibility of our species.. he was Fraud’s nephew.. many use his ideas for war and money schemes.. good topic.. bad humans.. Peace Tony

    1. Thanks for the comment, Tony– Yes, I am very familiar with Edward Bernays, all of the groundwork that was laid by him and those like him… But at this point we are soooo far beyond all of that, the level of deception and over the top lying of the liberal main stream media is like super-propaganda [Or maybe a new term needs to be created for it– That is if one doesn’t think totalitarianism does not cover all of the bases]. Now they even think they can shut down the opinions and votes of anyone they don’t agree with them / anyone who can see through their bull$h!t? Give me a break! Anyway, have a good one.

      1. 🙂 Problem with self indulgence blinds them.. makes evil-good obvious to those who look and care.. mostly the latter..
        I am trying to prosecute wiretaps.. what a hassle.. great neighbors.. can’t run from criminal wiretaps.. have an appt. later today w/ city atty. First time in fifty years of activation.. oh well.. Peace T.

      2. I know what you mean with the first statement, not 100% sure what you mean with the rest… Do you mean you’re being wiretapped or do you mean you’re trying to stop the practice altogether? The backdoor has been added to pretty much all new technology [Especially “smart” technology]. Pretty strange times when you see headlines talking about cars and home appliances being hacked! Anyway, hope everything turns out okay.

    1. Hello.. a quick explanation.. that is the damage done to my concentration by a dsl provider and city police department that will not prosecute wiretaps.. I do apologize for the self indulgence,, :-).. Peace Tony

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