3 thoughts on “09252015

  1. Yeah.. and the blind in society.. the machines can be counted on to move with no feeling.. and our species spits in the eye of his brothers.. his sisters.. his progeny.. as they try to remember.. all ‘machines’ were at one time ‘Fictional’.. as I sit in disbelief and knowledge of the fact that introductions would be more social and friendly if the first was to oneself.. agree?.. I think it must be my friend.. Peace Tony

    1. This is truly one of the best comments I have received during all of the years of doing this here, Tony… Yes, I do agree with that statement for the most part… The actual name of this site [Fictional Machines] actually started many years ago while having a discussion / debate with a few people, we had been highlighting differences between the coverage of the corporate media and the independent media– How many now live and breath in a mostly fictional world [Believing the propaganda / mind control, living vicariously through fictional characters, willing to fight and argue and kill over things which are half-truths, etc.]. The conversation had then turned to some recent news stories at that time where Hawking and a few others were pushing this concept of human being nothing more than “biological machines,” not acknowledging the soul, or any of the other amazing things that compose a person’s life / identity. I had been thinking about starting a site for months leading up to that night… And, in a very condensed nutshell, that was why I sat down that evening and registered the name of this website!

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