5 thoughts on “08302015

  1. Bombs Away!

    A plane that veered off over Cleveland
    Still had a one-hour flight,
    Before smashing into the building
    That has caused the world so much fright.

    The air force stood still at Andrews
    It is clear they had plenty of time.
    The plane hit a segment near-vacant.
    Can you solve this riddle in rhyme?

    Unocal wanted a pipeline
    To run from the Caspian Sea.
    Their man is our new Afghan envoy,
    We call this diplomacy.

    We’ve scrambled jets to bomb the line
    Who cares about collateral death?
    Our heinous command favors profits
    No matter on whom we tread.

    Our bombs have cleared the bedrock,
    Soon oil will flow through the land.
    Our soldiers will stay to protect it,
    New sticker: “Free Afghanistan.”

    But this place is not like Tibet,
    It’s not China that we have to sway.
    This time the task is much harder
    We must teach ourselves to obey.

    Already we’ve gone from a surplus
    To $200 Billion in debt.
    But somehow this stooge asks for tax cuts,
    Increased defense is a sure bet.

    What’s wrong with mass transportation?
    Or small cars: NO MORE SUVs!?
    Oh yeah, that might hurt the profits
    Of Exxon, Mobil, BP!

    Before the planes hit the buildings
    The pilots caroused the Las Vegas Strip.
    Does this seem like holy Muslims,
    Or agents out to get their last kicks?

    You may say I’m some type of cynic,
    But our track record is clear.
    If you stand in the way of our oil-men
    There will be plenty to fear.

    Uganda, Iraq, and Afghanistan
    Know how deadly this game can be.
    Economies crumble below us,
    Soon, we will fight to be free.

    History holds many lessons,
    Those in power fall from their greed.
    We are not very good Christians:
    We always take more than we need.

    The rich get their education,
    The rest of us learn for ourselves,
    That for-profit domination
    Soon leads to a permanent hell.

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