Final Messages #74 – Phone Call – Four Pages

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original writing & artwork by j e lattimer

© 2015 j e lattimer all rights reserved


13 thoughts on “Final Messages #74 – Phone Call – Four Pages

    1. Thanks! This was basically the opening chapter of a very strange story I posted on a different website a few years ago [A handful of the subscribers here will remember / recognize these unusual characters, but not many]. Thought I would dredge up a few pages from the tale and see what the response was.

    1. Hahaha, thanks, I think! This was from a very unusual / twisted comedic series of sorts that I shared on a different website a few years back. Decided to post a few pages from it here just for the hell of it!

    1. Thanks! The four pages above were taken from a much longer [And even more bizarre] tale that I published on a different site a few years ago], glad you enjoyed these strange characters!

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