Final Messages #15 – Abstraction

final messages fifteen

original writing & artwork by j e lattimer

© 2014 j e lattimer all rights reserved

7 thoughts on “Final Messages #15 – Abstraction

  1. Very far out. The shape of the puddle and grate feels like an electrical guitar and combined with the water has an air of menace. The word ‘portal’ in your poem really
    describes what he seems to be facing. Fantastic!

    1. Thank you very much for the great comment and interesting interpretation, Steven! Yes, one always has to be cautious of such portals [Oh, and it’s actually a ‘she’ in the photo, and not a ‘he,’ but the figure is quite shadowed and it’s difficult to tell]. Have a great one over there, take care!

  2. Fog portends hot day
    at harvest in Korea.
    Some lose, some
    win; the best share crops.
    The worst take without working.

    There is no
    limit on mother’s
    endurance for her
    children, likewise men’s
    penchant for war. Churches tote

    the conservative
    line, thus expanding greedy
    infusing evil their flocks

    can live by.
    Just as many still
    retain peace, love and
    understanding, so
    brotherhood itself fights as

    hard as the
    abused mothers, choir boys and
    aware children who
    work, beg, plead, kill

    to survive
    without sanctuary in
    villages torn by
    drought and starvation.

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