Darkroom / Three / Innovation / Four Pages

dark room three 1

dark room three 2

dark room three 3

dark room three 4

original writing & artwork by j e lattimer

© 2014 j e lattimer all rights reserved


7 thoughts on “Darkroom / Three / Innovation / Four Pages

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, you are correct– This set is [Intentionally] quite different than those that came before it. I had been debating on doing five or six sets, but after this one I decided that I had said what I wanted to in the first three sets– The ones that would have followed would have been retreading the same ground, essentially. Anyway, hope all is well, take care!

    1. Thanks Mike! Not sure if Nimoy is hidden in there or not, but I suppose it’s possible, ha-ha. This was an attempt to scan old negatives from the 1990’s and merge them with modern technology– Initially thought it would go on for awhile, but after the third set I felt like I had already accomplished / said most of what I had wanted to capture. Oh, and I try not to question the ‘how’ about the creativity too much… As long as it keeps flowing I just allow it to exist. Have a great one over there, take care!

    1. Thanks, Steven! Yes, this was a somewhat unusual [And brief] series– Not sure if I accomplished what I had originally set out to with these or not, but I’m a bit more fond of their overall vagueness tonight than I was when I had initially finished them!

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