Control * Thirteen Images

control 1

control 2

control 3

control 4

control 5

control 6

control 7

control 8

control 9

control 10

control 11

control 12

control 13

original artwork by j e lattimer

© 2014 j e lattimer all rights reserved


4 thoughts on “Control * Thirteen Images

    1. Thanks! Yes, despite the fact that nearly everything within each frame is primarily metallic sharp angles & machinery I attempted to make it all appear as soft and comfortable as possible!

  1. I admire how you have presented these mechanics, some almost like sensitive pencil drawings. There’s a haunting quality…the ghost in the machine?

    1. Thanks, John! Hmmm, yes, perhaps something of the ghost in the machine– Or perhaps just the need every so often to put the ‘machine’ back into ‘fictional machines,’ I don’t know. Oh, and thanks– I wish that I had the time to draw / paint everything here by hand [I am constantly working on paintings / drawings / ink, but try not to share too many of those for free on the web! Have a great one over there, take care!

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