Standing on the Sea

standing on the sea

original artwork by j e lattimer

© 2014 j e lattimer all rights reserved


13 thoughts on “Standing on the Sea

  1. Very nice! With very little thought given, it places itself squarely upon the “information” delivered to the public by the vacuous punditry class on cable/network news broadcast, which once digested is far more bitter and rancorous than at first believed. The artwork encapsulates this so well, forcing the viewer to actually ‘study’ and appreciate it with thought and purpose, before moving on another round of misinformed nonsense. You did well with this one my friend, very well indeed. Peace

    1. Thank you very much for the awesome, thought provoking comment my friend! Yes, there are many ways in which to interpret / apply this message and that is certainly one of them! I believe the original intention of the passage was coming to terms with the knowledge that the earth / humanity was going to go through so many horrible things, etc. The quote of ‘the blind cannot lead the blind’ came to mind when reading your words above about the corporate media– Perhaps I will try to come up with an image for that one as well one of these days! Anyway, hope all is well over there, take care!

    1. Thanks, John! This all started off when I came upon the passage used in an article I was reading. A few days later the words resurfaced and, after considering them for awhile I started to work on the image. Anyway, have a great one over there!

    1. Haha, yes, a very interesting quote! I am aware of Rilke, but have yet to read that collection in its entirety– I will make a mental note to do so! Thanks for the comment and have a great day over there!

  2. Thank you for liking “Hot Air Balloons” and “Mermaid.” Intriguing work! 🙂 I like the textures and the interplay of light and dark in this piece. They effectively create a dark, foreboding atmosphere that matches the Revelation 10:10 quote. With all that is happening in the world today, I feel a sense of foreboding too.

    1. Thank you very much– Yes, I think many of us have been getting that feeling over the last few years! It can seem overwhelming at times, but the only rational response to it all is to remain calm and try to lift up those around you / make the most out of each day. Hope all is going well over there, take care! 🙂

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