original writing & artwork by j e lattimer

© 2014 j e lattimer all rights reserved


19 thoughts on “Divided

    1. Thank you so much! Just returning after a few days off– Glad you enjoyed it so much, I felt like I had to send out some sort of message like this to counterbalance everything that has been going on!

      1. I know what you mean.
        Have you listened to any of CNN’s coverage of Michael Brown? The “theme” they use during his segments …. oh my …. presstitution indeed. If the situation weren’t so ugly and so sad the choice of music would be hysterical – pandering to people’s desires in such a blatant way!

        [backing away from the soapbox now]

        all the best to you!

    1. Thank you very much, John! Yes, I spent a good amount of time on that image, and I actually rewrote the words three times before I was fully satisfied with the full message! Glad you enjoyed it & thanks for the comment!

  1. Excellent! If we can just get those CNN tools and media whores out of Fergeson and stop stirring the hate maybe things will cool down…. maybe.

    1. Thanks, Ed! Yes, I agree with your assessment 100%, they really are tools and whores… Reporting the news has turned into warping and controlling the news [Sometimes even just making up fictional ‘news’ as well]! Thanks for the comment, hope everything is going well over there!

    1. Thank you so much, Lee! I felt compelled to do something addressing all of the ‘divide and conquer’ techniques that are constantly rolled out under the guise of public spectacle!

  2. I had to google the word “presstitutes” as it wasn’t in my Oxford Dictionary! A brilliant word to describe all that’s rotten. And so much truth in your observations. The picture goes so well with the words, too — a confusion of garish colours all whizzing hither and thither, trying to blind one with lies.

    1. Haha, yes, I don’t think that one has quite made the Dictionary yet– But maybe it will! And I really like your choice of words a great deal [The blinding lights / lies]. Just felt compelled to create something that went against the grain of all the ‘divide and conquer’ rhetoric that seems to be around every corner. Anyway, have a wonderful day over there!

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