Lost Cause

lost cause

original writing & artwork by j e lattimer

© 2014 j e lattimer all rights reserved

14 thoughts on “Lost Cause

    1. Thanks, Millie! I was not having the best day / was a bit frustrated by it all when I created this yesterday– But I stand by the words and the images / the general mood I was trying to create. Glad you enjoyed it, take care!

    1. Thank you, Mike! I figured you would understand what I was saying with this one… It can all become quite frustrating sometimes, and I usually try not to reflect that here– But I have been trying to even more open / honest with posts the last few weeks, almost like a visual / slightly fictional journal of sorts. Anyway, thanks for the comment and have a great day over there!

    1. Yes, those damned corporate logos! How long until they’re branding us with them like cattle [Halfway joking]? Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed it! 🙂

    1. Thank you very much, Lee! There have been many ups and downs over the last few years, but I do my best to go into the studio and create something everyday! You’re work is excellent over there as well– I am always pleasantly surprised by what I discover with each visit! Have a great week over there, take care!

    1. Thank you for the great, thoughtful comment, Lino! Yes, I see what you mean– I hope that you’re correct, that everything can eventually converge into a solidified vision that makes sense! Have a wonderful day over there!

    1. Haha, yes, you’re right John– Here we are on the internet! Seems to be one of the only ways to get creativity out on a somewhat global scale without spending tons of money or playing ball with the corporations. Hope your day is going well over there!

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