The Rockets’ Red Glare * Nine Pages

fourth page one fourth page two fourth page three fourth page four fourth page five fourth page six fourth page seven fourth page eight fourth page nine

16 thoughts on “The Rockets’ Red Glare * Nine Pages

    1. Thank you very much for the comment, and don’t worry– It gives me the ‘heebie jeebies’ a bit over here as well! As mentioned in the response to the previous comment I was trying to skim across the surface of what has happened using only visuals and trying to avoid going into some monstrous 100 page post– Obviously in the initial three pages [Blue], things are off with good moral intentions, not perfect, but with an attempt at purity. By the time we have travelled to the last phase [The three red images] much corruption and evil has polluted the waters, the bald eagle is caged, as is the world in general, etc. Not sure if I read the piece you’re referring to, but I know what you mean– Iraq war 3.0 underway, more taxpayer money to be bulldozed down a black hole yet again… Anyway, hope you had a great holiday and thanks for all of the support!

      1. Had a wonderful holiday – enjoyed the fireworks (thankfully these rockets’ red glare I don’t mind so much).

        I’m off to re-read the previous comments now — and re-view the post. It’s really striking — really it is!

        All the best to you —

      2. Glad to hear you had a great day– Everyone in my neighborhood is still going crazy with the fireworks right now as it approaches midnight! Thanks, all the best to you as well!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I am an artist who usually tries to focus more on the light side– Just felt compelled to do a visual set representing how something can start off with great intentions [The ‘blue images’] and then slowly become corrupted [By the time we reach the red, etc.]– Mainly for the sake of the monetary system / military might, hence the connotations of the title. Anyway, never said we couldn’t return to the ‘blue phase again.’ Have a great day!

    1. Hi Millie! Thank you very much– I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get all of their eyes to glow just the way I wanted them to [Was trying to get the last two to seem really sinister with the glowing red eyes]. Oh, and another thing… Sorrow Bacon!!! Looks really cool, really funny. I am going to camp out and peruse the entire thing as soon as time allows. All the best, take care!

  1. love the glazed presidents–lends them (or emphasizes!) a demonic cupidity…and the red at the end is demonic, but cheerful! A la Joker…

    JE, I wonder if you don’t do your art a disservice–presenting so much–maybe now and again a single image + provocative prose/poem/caption/philosophy or no motif at all–since they could all stand alone–would be breathtaking in its…well…oneness. What I mean is, sometimes one good piece of jewelry really sets off an outfit–whereas a ton of good jewelry welll…

    I hope this is an acceptable remark. you can delete it if you feel it isn’t…

    you know I adore your work…I am just creatively brainstorming, so that this exchange might be less homogenized…


    “i love it!”

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment– I actually prefer honest comments of this sort in many ways. I do know what you mean, and I have done many posts like that in the past [With either only one image or one image with writing]. The suspended ‘disconnected form the dystopia’ series was exactly that. And I do plan to return to such things in the very near future [Mainly due to time constraints and how busy this summer has been]. But sometimes these things have a mind of their own and keep growing / expanding. Other times I fully intended to post something epic [Like the 25 images in ‘the shadow of death,’ or the 50 images in ‘a state of separation,’ etc.]. But I hear what you’re saying, it’s crazy, right? Every time I start to think about taking a break from it all I will receive a couple emails from subscribers [Usually from other countries] and it will cause me to rethink why I’m considering a break / cause me to realize that I’m providing a service to someone, somewhere… And then I’ll end up sharing something again! Anyway, thanks for all of the support and have a great one over there!

      1. It IS crazy–when I work, it also has a way of multiplying–one thought goes to another–a new write is born….sometimesicanwrite 5 or 6 poems in a day! And stories…and, lol, observations. And notes!!!

        I left that word all run together because it is how I typed it, and maybe that was Freudian…:)

        I just think your stuff is so great–and honestly, I really dig my stuff, too–and I wonder if we spoil people….maybe that’s it a little….a lot…

        thank you JE, for your openness, and receptiveness, and friendship–talent goes without saying, and that’s for us all. I was hoping we’d be good still. You have a gr8 day “over there”…(Pink Floyd far!!) and I will “over here”….:)

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