[the wake]




11 thoughts on “[the wake]

    1. Thanks, T.– I tried to make each sequence as elusive as possible while still maintaining the overall idea that I was trying to capture– Glad you enjoyed them. Have a great week over there!

  1. They’re all gorgeous and thought-provoking — but I liked the first series and the last series the best. There was a deathly, cemetery-like feeling to the cut logs, and a creature-like feeling to the reflection of the tree in the water. I was seeing monsters (and innuendos) everywhere! The memory erased- had a feeling of an atomic testing site. Perhaps that’s what it takes to erase some memories! Anyway — another great series!

    1. Thank you for another great comment / interpretation of the sequences– I always enjoy hearing how others perceive these sets [Especially the more abstract / loosely connected ones]. Many of the comments that you made above are actually very close to what I was going for– Most of the themes presented within the vague titles for each section deal with very dark possible events / outcomes, but I tried to intentionally present the images in a different way than I would usually approach such a set– Going for vivid color, and more ‘everyday’ type of imagery to intentionally go against the grain of the themes. And then, of course, the section of nature / flowers / etc. to offer a reminder in the middle of it all… I actually paused before publishing and debated on removing that set, because I wasn’t sure if it belonged there– But the entire thirty-six pieces were created in order on the same day in a sort of meditative stream of consciousness visual display, so I allowed them to remain [Because that was where my thoughts went at that time & I try not to censor myself]. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend over there!

      1. It was really interesting to read what you were thinking as you were composing! Usually I am way, way off base — so it’s good to know I was on the same wavelength this time, LOL!

        So glad you didn’t remove the section of nature / flowers — the sets work beautifully just the way they are.

        Hoping you have a great weekend too!

    1. Thank you very much! I created camped out and created these sequences on a day off from all of the various projects and jobs that I’m in the middle of right now– I’m glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for the comment, have a great weekend!

  2. amazingly gorgeous series, here. I got shades of “axe murderer” in the middle, but not at start or finish…you know…don’t go in the woods, stuff, to check out that noise….;)

    1. Thank you very much for another wonderful comment– That is very interesting that the images provoked those types of thoughts– I was going for an underlying sense of dread / the inevitable to some degree, but while trying to make it all colorful and vibrant, vivid, at the same time. If you are referring to the chopped trees with the ‘ax murderer’ I can see why you would think that– I saw it as a vacant meeting place, somewhere hidden that used to mean something to people but was now vacant, unused, unobserved– Reclaimed by the damaged nature surrounding it. Anyway, hope all is well over there, take care!

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