9 thoughts on “[untitled]

    1. We are totally on the same level with your comment– This image started off with trying to capture / recreate part of a dream I had recently [Not kidding around]! Have a great day!

      1. Must have been a beautiful dream… at least I hope so. May your day as well be a real vision! I was thinking of a text, that I once wrote, called “Dreams are trees” by the way.

    1. Thank you very much! I hear you, I would totally do the same & maybe take a short nap [If it was a real place, of course]! Have a wonderful rest of the week– Take care! 🙂

    1. Thanks for another wonderful comment– Great choice of words describing what comes to mind when you look at this one, and I’m glad you enjoyed the colors [I spent a good amount of time developing those– This all started in black and white]! Have a great day!

  1. This looks like redbud trees fully bloomed out in the spring. I have one and I keep waiting for it to bloom, but the rabbits keep eating it back. It just has green leaves and not the purple buds.

    1. Thanks for the great comment, Symanntha! The original image that I started with was inspired by three trees growing within a sculpture garden I was walking through one afternoon– I am not a tree expert, but yes, I believe you are correct and these are redbud trees! Hope the rabbits take a break and yours blooms soon– Have a great day, take care!

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