[the shadow of death]

shadow of death-1shadow of death-2shadow of death-3shadow of death-4shadow of death-5shadow of death-6shadow of death-7shadow of death-8shadow of death-9shadow of death-10shadow of death-11shadow of death-12



25 thoughts on “[the shadow of death]

  1. I love cemetaries like this. I used to live in Buffalo,NY where there was Forest Lawn Cemetary designed by Frederick Olmstead–who designed Central Park. It was filled with old Victorian era mortuary statures and crypts and vthe grounds were lush with trees and hills. Just goergeous parks, much like the Greeks envisaged funneray places asw areas for not the mourning of klife but the contemplation of life and honoring the dead. Beautiful shots. >KB

  2. I love the atmosphere on old cemeteries. At first sight the blue color in these images surprised me somehow. But if you dive into it… very magic.

  3. This progression is so intriguing!!
    What really catches my attention is the line quality and the texture – they are totally different in this progression – and I am loving it. There is an extra grittiness- And – the splash of blue really makes the images “pop”. Gives it both a warmth and an eeriness at the same time, if that makes sense. Anyway — great work!

    1. Thank you very much! I have never been to Armenia [These were actually taken in an old cemetery near the center of America], but that is really interesting and I’m glad that they are universal enough to bring a place like that to mind! Thanks for the comment– Take care!

    1. Thanks– I get sick of them as well, I have attended too many funerals– But I will walk through one with a camera at least once a year. Not sure why, it’s just something that has become an annual ritual of sorts.

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