Body of Water * Six Images / Two Pages

boats 1 thru 3 boats 4 thru 6 original artwork by j e lattimer

© 2014 j e lattimer all rights reserved


10 thoughts on “Body of Water * Six Images / Two Pages

    1. Thank you for the kind words, K. B.– My time / life has changed and transformed over the last few years into an almost constant state of creativity / working in the studio. It is always a huge relief to know that people are enjoying the work! Have a great one!

      1. I stop writing for 35 years. Two years ago I began suddenly to write again. Since then I have spent 10-12 hours a day at my desk, 7 days a week writing and working on writing and have been filled with a tremendous sense and optimisim of creativity myself. So I know from whence yoiu speak. Best>KB

      2. That’s awesome! Yes, I know what you mean– I have tried to ignore / suppress the creativity during certain periods of my life, but it always comes back to the surface. Glad to hear that you’ve been so productive since returning to the writing, all the best!

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