13 thoughts on “[agenda]

  1. I really love the abstract collage sense of your work and the ‘solarization’ (the color streaks) work really well to offset the industrial shapes and nature imagery in the background. Really stunning. >KB

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words– I spent a few days on this project [On and off between working on other stuff]. I created small poster sized prints of all five and I think they look better on paper than they do on the screen. Thanks for all of the support and I’m glad you enjoyed the set!

  2. Hello, I cut and pasted a piece of ytours from an earlier post and loved the name of your site. As is my wont to do in such cases I purloined both and just finished a poem using them both. I am sending you the poem in hopes that you will agree, giving you all due recognition, to allow me to post it sometime in the future along with a tag to yur site.

    Fictional Machines

    Ever since the Age of Reason, perhaps before as well,
    We have among us those who have the ability
    And angst of curiosity to see even before putting
    Stylus to paper fictional machines of pondering
    To fill the gaps between our unangelic state
    And the fragility of our humanity of which we despair.

    We call Leonardo not only a man of his times
    But a seeker, seer, dreamer of the possibility of surprise
    In finding through the question ‘why?’ the answer
    ‘Why not?’ Knowing in his soul it is query
    That is more important than looking for excuses
    For why we cannot think we should be able
    To reach out into the beyond and touch the stars.

    Artwork by, J. E. Lattimer ( http://fictionalmachines.com )

    1. Wow– Right on, I really like it! I am okay with that as long as recognition is given / listed. Glad that my site could inspire such a poem, a real honor! Which artwork did you choose to go with this? Anyway, thanks & hope you have a great weekend!

      1. I’ll hunt it down today and tell you int was one of the first of yours I saw, very yellowish. But it was more the name of your site that inspired me and I couldn’t do a poem about it without using a piece of your art work which is inspiring initself. Thank you. As you see I have attacvhed the site address to the artwork credit. >KB

    1. Thank you very much, Steven! This set was very time consuming, but it keeps me busy in the studio between all of the other projects, keeps the gears turning! Thanks for the comment & have a great one!

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