20 thoughts on “[gills]

  1. Reblogged this on The Mirror Obscura and commented:
    I thought your photos outstanding. The out of focus representation of common house fish gives them an edge to them which makes one stop and really look at them for what they are not. >KB

    1. Thanks for the great comment, Lee– I really like the phrase ‘exotic photography fossils!’ Hope you have a wonderful week over there & thanks for the support– Take care!

  2. How did I miss this wonderful view of fishes? Loving how you’ve taken the “ordinary” and given them a surreal edge to them. Plus … the second fish looks very much like my favorite fish of all time, “Doc” a “Black Moor” I used to have years ago.

    Wonderful series!

    1. Thank you very much! These fish exist within a large tank within an office where I work part time for a media group– Happened to have my camera with me in the car one day and realized that I had spent hours staring at them / watching them and yet had never photographed them. Took a few shots after work that day and then spent a few days editing the images– Glad you enjoyed them so much! 🙂

  3. did you read children of light’s post.. Maybe you should – it is very relevant to what is happening on wordpress.. thank you. eve

    1. Hi Eve– Are you referring to the most recent post, “Comment- Saying nothing at all- Poetry?” I am assuming so, but let me know if you are in fact referring to a past post… Anyway, here’s where I stand on the whole thing– I rarely comment and sometimes it takes me a day or two [Hopefully not any longer] to respond to the comments that I receive here– This is all due to the incredible time constraints that I face every single day of the week [Between all of my jobs, both creative and otherwise, I have been working around ninety or more hours a week, every week. With what little time I have left after all of that I do my best to find time to sleep, run errands / do chores, fly through the reader here on wordpress to see what everyone is working on / sharing, and, every once in awhile, I have a couple hours of free time to either have fun or take a nap! I do know what you mean, though, I have a couple thousands subscribers but only about 150-160 people who actively like and comment here– Undoubtedly some of the profiles / entities presented in the blogging community are not real people, but bots and trolls that are proliferated by various corporations and agencies– For on some level the internet is merely a super sophisticated field designed for data mining / data collection. This website serves three purposes for me: One is what you are talking about with the community, one is to promote and underline a bunch of the work I do away from the internet, art shows, illustrations, etc., and, finally, because it’s fun and I enjoy it. Anyway, hope that is the proper response to the proper post– Keep up the great work over there and enjoy the day– Take care! 🙂

    1. Wow, thank you very much, LG Wolfgang! Somehow this slipped past me and I just discovered this to my surprise! Most definitely the best [Visual] comment that I have received! Have a great one, take care!

  4. Christmas Lights

    Red light pokes through Christmas snow as a carpet
    of wet brown dead pine needles softens your walk
    from Usang Apartments to Immundae, where you’ve
    sat, looking at Ggachi in Sycamores for seven years.
    One eighth of the life so far boiled down to a poem,
    a gathering, a suspended, augmented, finally diminished
    goodbye. But this is the season of hello, great merriment,
    brotherhood, sisterhood: of Auld Lang Syne spiced with
    eggnog, turkey, ham, the harvest feast to last through stronger
    longer days, detectable to the naked eye on exactly December
    twenty fifth. My home town got its first four-foot blast in
    November, so those snow-covered lights will diffuse a bit longer
    than usual, emitting just enough color to stop frozen tears
    from forming, and keep long-weary souls enraptured as humans
    long enough for love to bloom again. Fourteen hours of dark
    but interrupted by lights many don’t take down until March. Why?
    Because they know what color means to those who make their
    appearance at Christmas then slink back, unable to match their desires
    to the way the world really works. To them the Christmas Fa La La
    means more than to the carol-leaders. A toast to quiet perseverance.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful words — I read this comment last week while running around a city and enjoyed this very much [Finally at home with time to sit down and respond to comments tonight]. Hope you had a great holiday season, take care!

  5. ok then:

    Sarah & Ed

    A glass apple shines in light so pale you
    Hardly remember to breathe.

    Twenty three seconds later you notice
    A car noise and remember it’s Wednesday.

    Uncomfortable plastic chairs pass for décor
    At cafes that lure sweaty walkers.

    Banter floats up four stories in time to
    Stop you from crying. Who’s out there?

    You pull on some shorts and fly down
    Stairs, forget the bad knee. Human contact.

    It’s Sarah. She’s lost her hat. She sits
    Politely waiting. You walk slowly.

    She walks slower. Finally you stop.
    You think about stroking her.

    You think. You think. Which stops
    You from crying. Think on young man.

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