[infernal region]




12 thoughts on “[infernal region]

    1. Wow- I can see what you mean [If we’re talking about the same image], with the offset eyes on either side. Totally unintentional, but it’s all in the eye of the beholder! Thanks for the comment and have a great weekend!

  1. I read the title wrong
    I thought it said inferno-religion ..
    and as I wandered through the images, I thought well maybe the Crown of Thorns and the sacred shroud Jesus was wrapped in?
    then I noticed I read it wrong as I looked at the last one….it made me think of a third eye
    or what the Moslems wear an evil eye ( my husband used to wear his all the time now it belongs to my daughter…)
    So now …I still think images of religious artifacts for some reason……maybe I am in a spiritual crisis
    so everything I see lately makes me think of signs….
    I like these J.E. they are interesting and make me think…
    I hope I don’t offend you with what I saw…
    Take Care….You Matter…

    1. Thank you very much for the interesting comment, Mary Rose [And don’t worry, that does not offend me at all!] There are many different layers to something like this [Fifteen images compressed down into five pages, more layers added, etc], and I try not to explain them too much because I would rather have people interpret them their own way, but you’re actually kind of close to the mark. There are all of these people / groups out there who claim to possess false enlightenment– But when one truly looks into them [Their motivations, goals, who’s financing them, what they’re not telling the public, etc.] a much more sinister, sometimes evil agenda is uncovered. Hence the title, referring to the ‘adversary,’ if you will, and the fact that the ‘third eye’ type of image at the end appears to be a bit twisted / sinister, perhaps blood stained. Anyway, if that makes sense! 🙂 Take care over there as well! Josh

    1. Thanks for the great comment– Yes, there was definitely an effort made to transition the types of images the way you have described. A sort of underlying idea of having the different thoughts come together to form a mass or a whole in as few pages as possible. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the day!

    1. Thank you very much, Leyla! Yes, I was happy with how the first one turned out as well! 🙂 Thanks, I really enjoy your work over there as well! Have a wonderful day, take care!

  2. >^^< eye at end..?

    it's very much a sequential piece–the last feels an internal view of the first…and by first I mean first 2, to encompass the bolt (what I see)

    so well done! a wonderful abstract journey with all sorts of shade

    1. Thank you for the great comment– I could answer your question directly and explain what I intended / what I see / feel, but I try not to do so as much as possible for fear that it might sway viewers from their own interpretations. I am glad you enjoyed it, though! Keep up the great work over there and have a wonderful week! 🙂

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