Beyond / / / Fifteen Photos

tunnel 1 tunnel 2 tunnel 3 tunnel 4 tunnel 5 tunnel 6 tunnel 7 tunnel 8 tunnel 9 tunnel 10 tunnel 11 tunnel 12 tunnel 13 tunnel 14 tunnel 15 original artwork by j. e. lattimer

© 2013 j. e. lattimer all rights reserved 


28 thoughts on “Beyond / / / Fifteen Photos

    1. Thank you very much! I have been spending a lot of time experimenting with sequential photos / sequential drawings lately- I’m glad you enjoyed it! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks, Steven! I have been getting back into experimenting with sequential art / photos a lot lately, and, at the same time, I think I have been intentionally making them a bit elusive, mysterious. Kind of like that old E. B. White quote– “Be obscure clearly.” Have a great one over there!

    1. Thank you very much! I originally thought this set was going to be much longer, but when I reached a certain point I knew that it was finished and that it was best to leave it alone. Thanks for the comment and enjoy the day!

    1. Congratulations and thank you very much, Sage! I have not decided yet if I’ll be participating in those or not this year [Responded to 13 last year and it ended up taking a good chunk of time away from other projects]. But I certainly appreciate it & thanks for thinking of Fictional Machines! Keep up the great work over there and have a great day!

      1. Thank you and you’re welcome. I absolutely understand because I have the same issue myself. It’s very time consuming and I always think I’m leaving someone out. That’s why I stopped taking them on my other blog, but since this one is new…well honestly I never thought this one would get awards lol But I have, and I’m considering not doing them anymore as well. So whatever you choose is all right by me. Your blog’s incredible and you’ve been an amazing fellow blogger/reader. Happy New Year!

  1. this is what I think: I think each person imagines their “beyond” into being. (goes back to girding the thoughts, right?)

    I really do. I believe we make our next worlds. This is a cool one.

    1. Thanks! And sorry for the late response, this comment slipped past me, somehow! I like your choice of words: “I believe we make our next worlds.” Yes, exactly!

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