Edge of Town / / / Eighteen Photos

edge 1 edge 2 edge 3 edge 4 edge 5 edge 6 edge 7 edge 8 edge 9 edge 10 edge 11 edge 12 edge 13 edge 14 edge 15 edge 16 edge 17 edge 18 original artwork by j. e. lattimer

© 2013 j. e. lattimer all rights reserved


14 thoughts on “Edge of Town / / / Eighteen Photos

  1. Pretty amazing! I always wonder after “reading” your stories, “is that what he’s saying?” You’re so thought provoking!

    1. Thanks very much, Mike! Yes, well, this site started off as a home for many short stories that had photos or art included as illustrations [And I think it will eventually return to that again, at some point]- But the last few months my life has been so chaotic and busy that I have reversed it, focusing instead on having the illustrations tell the tale / concept and either keeping the writing to a bare minimum or not even including the words at all! Thanks for the comment and all of the support- Have a great day!

    1. Thank you very much, Anita! Yes, the tiny details are usually what I end up obsessing over, at least to some degree! Thanks for the comment, love your work over there!

      1. I find your work so stimulating and inspiring. Always a pleasure partaking of your blog. Looking forward to another year’s imbibing. Happy New Year!

        Jubilant cheers,

        Autumn Jade

      2. Thanks for the kind words, Autumn Jade! I truly feel the same about your work as well & I’m always very intrigued to see what you have created! Thanks for all of the support, take care!


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