Crown of Thorns / / / Twelve Photos

crown 1 crown 2 crown 3 crown 4 crown 5 crown 6 crown 7 crown 8 crown 9 crown 10 crown 11 crown 12 original artwork by j. e. lattimer

© 2013 j. e. lattimer all rights reserved


20 thoughts on “Crown of Thorns / / / Twelve Photos

    1. Thank you, Steven! I debated on how to approach this set for a few hours [Both with the photography itself and then with the editing]. This was how it all turned out, for better or worse! Thanks for the comment & enjoy the day!

  1. YOUR PICTURES INSPIRE STORIES. I may write one one of these days based on one of your series. Thank you for your faithful ‘liking” when I have the time to get to Heron’s Path. It means a lot to me.

    1. Thank you so much, Alethea! Fictional Machines started off as a place to share my short stories and I would create a few illustrations to go along with each one- Along the way I have shifted the process around to where the site is heavy on the illustrations and light on the writing– But I do plan to eventually return to the short stories / novellas again when time allows! Oh, and you’re welcome, of course! Keep up the great work and enjoy the day! 🙂

    1. Yes, I guess that does fit very well- That was just how many I ended up with after I finished editing and going through them, deciding which ones to share. Perhaps it was meant to be that way! Have a wonderful day over there! 🙂

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