Within the City / The Nest / Sanctuary * Twenty-Three Pages

the nest one and two the nest three and four the nest five and six the nest seven and eight the nest nine and ten the nest eleven and twelve the nest thirteen and fourteen the nest fifteen and sixteen the nest seventeen and eighteen the nest nineteen and twenty the nest twenty-one and twenty-two the nest twenty-three and twenty-four the nest twenty-five and twenty-six the nest twenty-seven and twenty-eight the nest twenty-nine and thirty the nest thirty-one and thirty-two the nest thirty-three and thirty-four the nest thirty-five and thirty-six the nest thirty-seven and thirty-eight the nest thirty-nine and forty the nest forty-one and forty-two the nest forty-three and forty-four the nest forty-five and forty-six original artwork by j. e. lattimer

© 2013 j. e. lattimer all rights reserved


14 thoughts on “Within the City / The Nest / Sanctuary * Twenty-Three Pages

  1. Have you ever considered doing a series of self-portraits in this style…I think the swan inspired this question….I think that would be super, too. Really great series….I like this one in particular–shades of Escher….

    1. Thanks for the fantastic comment / question. Yes, I have done a few portraits and self portraits in this style and similar styles. Some have been shared online and some have not [At least not yet]. I did not see the Escher similarities until you mentioned it, must have had some sort of subconscious effect on me to some extent! Take care!

  2. Fascinating series. Corroding realities evolve into new perceptions – beautifully executed compositions. 😉

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