Remnants of the Wasteland * 76 – 80

“Fear can make you do more wrong

than hate or jealousy.

Fear makes you always,

always hold something back.”

–Philip K. Dick

remnants of the wasteland 76 remnants of the wasteland 77 remnants of the wasteland 78 remnants of the wasteland 79 remnants of the wasteland 80 original artwork by j. e. lattimer

© 2013 j. e. lattimer all rights reserved


2 thoughts on “Remnants of the Wasteland * 76 – 80

    1. Thank you, John! This set of 100 images went through a few versions / incarnations before I finally settled on a final version / vision. I resisted the temptation to make this an illustrated tale, mainly because I felt that the collection of quotes was more effective. Keep up the great work over there, my friend!

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