Remnants of the Wasteland * 61 – 65

“The agony of my feelings

allowed me no respite;

No incident occurred

from which my rage and misery

could not extract its food.”

–Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

remnants of the wasteland 61 remnants of the wasteland 62 remnants of the wasteland 63 remnants of the wasteland 64 remnants of the wasteland 65 original artwork by j. e. lattimer

© 2013 j. e. lattimer all rights reserved


7 thoughts on “Remnants of the Wasteland * 61 – 65

    1. Thank you very much, Steven! Yes, it is a possible history that is being shown, but I certainly hope that it is not a future any of us will have to witness, endure- Or attempt to survive, for that matter! Keep up the great work over there [Very curious now at this point to see where you are going to go with film] and enjoy the day!

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, I have read ‘Frankenstein’ at least three times, even read ‘The Last Man’ once a long time ago. The first image that you mentioned is actually symbolic of a few different things for me, but that is all another tale for another day! Take care over there! 🙂

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