Remnants of the Wasteland [31 – 35]

remnants 31

remnants 32

remnants 33

remnants 34

remnants 35



7 thoughts on “Remnants of the Wasteland [31 – 35]

  1. Having read ‘The Road’ I will definitely be outside in the open when it ends and hope to go with the first blast…I don’t want to survive a bleak hopeless world……have a nice day! haha

    1. Thanks, Caryl! Yes, I thought ‘The Road’ was a great read [And enjoyed reading most of Cormac Mccarthy’s work, although, in a way ‘The Road’ was very similar to ‘The Drought’ by J. G. Ballard]. I know what you mean, though. Everyday I silently hope that I won’t be around to see the world reach that moment / or that it just simply can be averted, prevented. Hope you have a nice day over there as well!

  2. The synonymous science of this posting catches me off guard…disintegration? reformation? metamorphing? All very pronounced and decisive. Leaves me thinking about bones (that last close up image).

    1. Thank you for the great comment, Steven! I have been debating on the proper response for a couple of days… I can answer your questions, but at the same time I don’t want to lead the imagination of other readers too much if they read this comment, I would rather allow their minds to take them wherever they need to go. So how about this: Yes, disintegration / decay is certainly a focal point of this series, although there are other layers to be discovered beneath such themes. And the final [Bottom] image in this set is actually a dead fish washed up on shore, so your interpretation of bones fits.]. Keep up the great work over there & enjoy the day!

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