Withdraw #16 – Thorns and Thistles

withdraw part sixteen original artwork by j. e. lattimer

© 2013 j. e. lattimer all rights reserved


14 thoughts on “Withdraw #16 – Thorns and Thistles

    1. Thank you- The last few weeks have been incredibly hectic [I had planned to have more of these posted by now]. Thanks for the support and keep up the great work over there!

    1. Yes, I see what you mean, and that did cross my mind [No pun intended] while working on this one. It’s place within the larger set / bigger picture of ‘withdraw’ is perhaps a bit different, but it can be interpreted that way. And, now that I am reexamining it again, that old Tori Amos song is playing in my head…

      1. Yes, I know the song, but that was a different musician, Joan __ [Something], I think her name was. I had that old song ‘crucify’ by Tori playing in my head when I was reflecting on the piece / commenting. Anyway, that song fits too, no worries!

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