Withdraw #11

withdraw part eleven




5 thoughts on “Withdraw #11

  1. That is a good question, but very difficult to answer without typing a huge meandering response! It all depends on a few factors- Like what the post / project or story is that I am working on at the time, what type of mood I am in that day, whether I want to incorporate any current events & things that are on my mind or leave the piece as something more symbolic and [Hopefully] universal. But as far as inspiration / the zone… Well, I recently lost my muse, so I have had to do some reshuffling a bit on all of that. It could be any number of things, from a dream, to the sky / horizon while out on a hike, to exercise, the sensation of a strong emotion [Whether mental or physical], or it might sometimes even be out of boredom on a bad day! Occasionally it all works / flows and it is just an absolute mystery even to me! Not sure if that answers your question or not, but have a great one over there!

  2. I have not forgotten about you my friend. Your talent has blossomed, and yet I should not be surprised. You are destined to rank among the greatest of science fiction writers. The world you have created is so very real within the readers minds, it become part of their soul as it is addictive in a great way. Your images bring a certain truth to light out into the open! I have gone through a lot the past six months and I still try to share, thank you always for your consistent visits. And forgive me brother for just now catching up. But as I said already your writing and images are awesome! Blessings!

    1. Thank you so much for the awesome comment, Wendell! I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing and your thoughts since I first discovered your site- I have been trying to stop by and comment / interact with everyone more as of late, but every day I have faced with unbelievable time constraints. Thanks for checking out the ‘disconnected from dystopia’ series, I plan on returning to it in the near future- Busy getting ready for a couple of art shows and trying to wrap up a couple books that have been taking forever! I hope the rest of the week / the weekend goes well for you over there- Take care!

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