Withdraw #9

withdraw part nine




8 thoughts on “Withdraw #9

    1. Thank you! The last few weeks have been extremely challenging & stressful- Which actually creates the proper environment for my creativity to flow without interruptions! Thanks for the comment! 🙂

  1. I like the dashed phrase a lot. Also, the separation of benched couple. <<good way to put it!!

    Have I lost my way to those poems of yours? The slashed ones? I think you have a another blog, too….but I am thinking i am now on a visual progression from there…?

    Your art is great and speaks the way words don't.

    1. Thanks for the great comment- To answer your question: I believe you are thinking of the ‘disconnected from the dystopia’ series, which will be resuming in the next week or two. And I will be adding archive links to the first fifty-nine parts of it when that happens. But you could be thinking of past stories as well. I was running four different dot coms for over a year and a half, all four with original content that was different and separate from the rest. But, alas, it was killing me, and I was drawing near to the point of total exhaustion. The other three have been marked private for awhile [Possibly forever], and the majority of the work on those sites will eventually be presented / incorporated into fictional machines!

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