Progression #121

Chapter Sixteen – “Departure” — Part Thirty-Two of Forty-One

progression number one hundred twenty-one To be continued…

Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer

© 2013 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved


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Jack Altomare quietly smoked another cigarette while sitting in the passenger seat of the car. He calmly watched the city as it passed by on the other side of the window.

Charlotte expertly navigated through the network of intersections and overpasses. Neither of them had spoken a word for many minutes- Even Hermes, the cat, remained silent inside of the cat carrier on the backseat.

“It is all going to hell in a hand basket, isn’t it?” He said.

Charlotte nodded and then slammed on the brakes to avoid a car merging into their lane without warning.

“Idiot!” She yelled.

“Garbage and litter everywhere, potholes big enough to swallow a compact car! Surveillance cameras on every corner… I remember daydreaming as a child about what the future would be like! Ha! And this is what we get…”

“No, the future you imagined has become a reality. They have toys and gadgets beyond your wildest dreams and outrageous life extension technology.” Charlotte said. “But it is all kept away from the general public, reserved only for the privileged few who control this game from behind the curtains.”

“Good God, look at that guy! He looks like a zombie in a horror movie!” Jack said. They were stopped and waiting for a light to change. A man in a tattered pair of coveralls was standing near the corner.

“He’s drooling, and his eyes-”

“Probably brain damaged. They want us just barely smart enough to work and pay our taxes.”