Progression #107

Chapter Sixteen – “Departure” — Part Eighteen of Forty-One

progression number one hundred seven To be continued…

Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer

© 2013 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved


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Jack was the first to walk outside. The handle on top of the cat carrier was clenched within his left fist, the handle of the knife within the right.

He took a few tentative steps away from the open doorway and looked around the quiet neighbor-hood. 

A few unmarked cars driving down the street at the next intersection. No sign of the Sentries, no sign of anyone, really- Curtains and blinds covering all of the windows that I can see from here. He thought.

Charlotte stepped outside with the backpack and the tent. Not really sure why I am bothering to lock up. She thought to herself as she inserted the key and turned the deadbolt.

She was aware of the fact that their entire conversation had been spied upon within the condo- That everything they were doing was monitored. She had debated upon writing notes by hand again- Like before Jack had left to fight the robots- But it would have been a waste of time, since the car was also tracked as it traveled.

Charlotte made eye contact with Jack and nodded, signaling that she was prepared to walk down-stairs. But a moment later a flicker of movement caught her attention and she reached out to stop him.

She pointed up at the praying mantis that had been watching her earlier in the afternoon. She had actually questioned if it was one of the robotic bugs that had been deployed as spy devices- But now the eyes of the creature were glowing and pulsing with an unnatural light.