Progression #92

Chapter Sixteen – “Departure” — Part Three of Forty-One

progression number ninety-two

 To be continued…

Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer

© 2013 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved


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Jack walked into the silent living room- Prepared for anything that he might encounter. Charlotte was following a few steps behind. She glanced back over her shoulder while closing the door.

Do you think any of those things are in here?” Jack said under his breath.

Charlotte scanned the room and glanced down the nearest hallway.

“No.” She said. “They would not waste any time hiding if they were- We would already be engaged in a struggle.”

“Did you have time to gather anything for the road before you joined the fight?”

“Not really. I do have a bug-out bag in my closet with a week or so of food and supplies. I know where the tent is, and-”

“Yes, the tent. Good idea.” Jack said. He walked past the crucifix hanging on the wall and stood in the center of the room. The adrenaline rush from the violence was finally subsiding, but he was fully aware that every second spent in the condo made escape less likely.

“What were you saying about the car being remotely switched off?”

“The Order has been requiring black boxes in every vehicle for years. They not only track the location and movement of the car, but also record and monitor everything that goes on inside of the car. It is all wired together and the engine itself can be switched off remotely, among other things…”

The Order? Jack noticed that the cat was watching them from the corner. “Hey, what about Hermes?” He said.