Progression #93

Chapter Sixteen – “Departure” — Part Four of Forty-One

progression number ninety-three

 To be continued…

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Charlotte glanced down at the cat. Had the local veterinarian placed an RFID tracking chip inside of the animal? She thought. I told him no- That I did not want him chipped. But did he do it anyway?

“We will have to take him with us.” She said. “I could not possibly leave the little gremlin behind.”

“Okay.” Jack said. “Why don’t you grab the tent and that bag you were talking about and anything else you might need. We have to get going!”

“Will I ever see any of this again?” Charlotte said as she gestured around at all of the material possessions inside of their home.

Jack shrugged. “We will return as soon as possible, if we are able to. Right now our lives are more important.”

“I agree. Let me change and gather a few items.”

“Be quick!” Jack called out as she walked down the short hallway and into the bedroom. 

He placed the open knife down upon the nearest tabletop, then crouched beside the stack of journals and sketchbooks that he had been rifling through only a short time ago.

Too many here. Cannot possibly carry them all. Jack thought. He randomly selected two of the journals from the pile. A loose page was jutting from one of the sketchbooks. He pulled it out and examined the ink drawing that he had no memory of- A close up of a soldier holding a sword above his head while charging. His face was scarred and the one eye that was visible beneath the helmet made the figure seem inhuman


Progression #92

Chapter Sixteen – “Departure” — Part Three of Forty-One

progression number ninety-two

 To be continued…

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Jack walked into the silent living room- Prepared for anything that he might encounter. Charlotte was following a few steps behind. She glanced back over her shoulder while closing the door.

Do you think any of those things are in here?” Jack said under his breath.

Charlotte scanned the room and glanced down the nearest hallway.

“No.” She said. “They would not waste any time hiding if they were- We would already be engaged in a struggle.”

“Did you have time to gather anything for the road before you joined the fight?”

“Not really. I do have a bug-out bag in my closet with a week or so of food and supplies. I know where the tent is, and-”

“Yes, the tent. Good idea.” Jack said. He walked past the crucifix hanging on the wall and stood in the center of the room. The adrenaline rush from the violence was finally subsiding, but he was fully aware that every second spent in the condo made escape less likely.

“What were you saying about the car being remotely switched off?”

“The Order has been requiring black boxes in every vehicle for years. They not only track the location and movement of the car, but also record and monitor everything that goes on inside of the car. It is all wired together and the engine itself can be switched off remotely, among other things…”

The Order? Jack noticed that the cat was watching them from the corner. “Hey, what about Hermes?” He said.

Progression #91

Chapter Sixteen – “Departure” — Part Two of Forty-One

progression number ninety-one To be continued…

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The shadowy figure standing on the other side of the window walked away and allowed the blinds to fall back into place.

“How long do you think we have until the next wave hits us?” Jack said. He was still holding the knife at his side, ready for anything.

“Not long.” Charlotte said.

“Do you have your keys on you? Maybe it would be best to hit the road immediately.” He gestured toward the car that was parked on the far side of the concrete lot behind the building.

Charlotte shook her head. “No, the keys are still upstairs. We’re going to have to run up there before we attempt to flee. But it is probably a waste of time and energy. I doubt that we will make it more than a few blocks before they remotely switch off the car. Then again, trying to escape on foot would be even more of a suicide mission, and if we just sit around here…”

“We have to try.“ Jack said. 

He grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her away from the remains of the three robots. 

The couple jogged around the side of the building and raced up the narrow flight of stairs that led to the condo.

“I fear that this might be the end, my love.” Charlotte said when they reached the front door.

“There is no fear in love.” Jack said. “Perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with torment. One who fears is not made perfect in love… Everything will be okay, have faith.”

He leaned forward and kissed her, then turned the handle and opened the front door.

Progression #90

Chapter Sixteen – “Departure” — Part One of Forty-One

progression 90 To be continued…

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“Are you okay, baby?” Jack said.

“Yes, I think so. Are you?”

He nodded. “I love you.”

“Love you, too.”

“Thanks for coming to my rescue, but I really had the situation under control.”

Charlotte laughed. “Sure.”

“Damned things were easier to take down than I thought they would be.” He said.

“These models are designed primarily for spying. Whoever sent them here today did not anticipate a violent confrontation- If they had they would have sent the hunter-killer models and our blood would be splattered all over the condo.” Charlotte said.

Jack looked around at the three robots laying on the pavement. The one that he had decapitated was clearly out of commission. The Sentry that had been stabbed in the face by Charlotte was still laying in a crumpled mess nearby. Smoke continued to pour out from the caved in face of the third, and, although its arms were twitching slightly, it appeared to be inoperable.

“Do you think there are more of these things lurking nearby?”

Charlotte shrugged. “Hard to say, but they definitely want to capture you alive. Hey, check it out, we have an audience!” She pointed at one of the windows above where they were standing.

“It sure was nice of them to come down and help us!” Jack said.

“I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for something like that to happen- Most people are spineless cowards today. They were probably too busy notifying the authorities about what we were doing!”

Progression #89

[Chapter Fifteen – “Hostile Behavior” — Part Twenty-Two of Twenty-Two]

progression number eighty-nine [To be continued…]

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