Progression #62

[Chapter Fourteen – “Awake” — Part Twelve of Seventeen]

progression number sixty two [To be continued…]

[Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer]

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“Spiritual warfare,” Charlotte said. “Yes, you are absolutely correct. But most of the people who still remain- The ones that have not been killed or chemically lobotomized- They do not even believe that they have souls.”

“Well, they really do not.” Jack said.

Her eyebrows raised with confusion and uncertainty.

They are souls!” He said.

“Ah, of course! But how can a couple of people possibly stand against all of this? It is simply impossible!”

Jack nodded and started pacing in front of the bed again.

“I agree. We do not have a prayer in hell.” He said. “That is why everyone will have to put aside their fear and all of their petty differences to stand together. Should have happened long ago…”

You do realize that those things out there are still listening to us, right?” Charlotte said under her breath as she gestured toward the window.

He shrugged. “Let them listen. If they want to strip me of my inalienable rights then I will rip their metallic heads right off of their damned necks!” 

He raised the fist that contained the blood from the small cut and smashed it into the nearest wall. The drywall cracked and crumpled from the sudden impact.

“Hey,” Charlotte said. She did not flinch while watching him. “Is your hand okay?”

He unclenched his fingers and looked down at his palm to discover that both the cut and the blood had disappeared.


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