Progression #56

[Chapter Fourteen – “Awake” — Part Six of Seventeen]

progression number fifty-six [To be continued…]

[Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer]

© 2013 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved


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“I don’t know about someone kicking in the door,” Jack said. “But I went out for a cigarette earlier and some sort of robot was trying to read my mind!”
“What? What did it look like?” Charlotte said. She leaned forward on the bed with a worried expression.
Jack described the strange android in the black suit to her and explained the painful sensation of having his memories scanned.
“That was a Sentry, Jack! That means they know you’re here and I’m sure they have the place surrounded by now.”

She raced over to the nearest window and peered out between the blinds.
“What the hell is a Sentry?” Jack said as he walked over to join her.
“Look!” She pointed at the window. “Three of them are hanging out in the alleyway right now!”
Jack peered out at the figures and felt a chill running down his spine. “Those things cannot be human!”
“They were human once upon a time…” Charlotte said. “They are members of what was once called the transhumanist movement- People hell-bent upon merging man and machine.”

“Well, it looks like they succeeded.” Jack said as he backed away from the window.
“Just one of many groups you were investigating when you were killed. You really don’t remember any of this, do you?” She said.
He shook his head. “Reading through the journals conjured up a few vague memories, but even my death remains a mystery!”


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