Progression #48

[Chapter Thirteen- “Charlotte’s Dream” — Part One of Three]

progression number forty-eight

{To be continued…}

[Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer]

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Somewhere [in the back of her mind] Charlotte knew that she was asleep and dreaming- But she also understood that it was necessary for her brain to shut down for awhile and process everything that had happened.
It had been a pretty typical day: The usual long, grueling shift at the factory. The drive out of the city to visit Jack’s grave. Returning home, prepared for a quiet dinner and an evening alone.
But Jack had been sitting on the couch staring at her when she


walked through the door. Which was simply impossible. Jack was dead-She had remained next to his lifeless body for hours, had watched the casket being lowered into the cold, hard ground.
The scene was replayed once again in her dream, only this time there were two Jacks, both sitting side by side with one of his old journals held between them. Both faces were blacked out for some reason. Strange, repeating images were cast across the darkened areas where the faces should have been. It reminded her of an old


movie projected onto a screen.
This time around she didn’t collapse in the doorway, but instead tried to walk toward the couch. It was like she was on a gigantic treadmill, though. No matter how quickly she moved her feet in that direction she seemed to remain frozen in place. Her vision blurred and then she fell down.
Two years of crying and praying for him to be returned to me and this is how I react when it finally happens? I faint and hide from him within a dream?


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