Progression #38

[Chapter Eleven- “The Reunion” — Part Three of Six]

progression number thirty-eight

{To be continued…}

[Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer]

© 2012 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved


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It took a few minutes for Jack to regain his equilibrium after the strange frequency had invaded his thoughts. He was a bit amazed that the prayer had effectively stopped whatever the robot had been attempting to do to him.
Maybe that thing knows that I’m already dead here. Maybe it’s trying to figure out why I’m still alive and walking around.
He went to the kitchen and poured a tall glass of water.
I wonder if the tap water here has medications added to it like it did back home. He thought.


Jack drank half of the water before returning to the living room.
The black cat came running up to him. The sweet-natured creature was rubbing up against his legs and purring loudly.
“Hermes.” Jack said. “You aren’t a robot, are you, buddy?”
The cat looked up at him and shook his head from side to side.
“Well, that’s a relief.” Jack patted his head between the ears.
Hermes meowed once and then rolled over on the ground with his paws up in the air.


Jack picked up the journal and took a seat on the couch.
If there are any answers to be found- Like what happened to America- Or who killed me, I’m hoping they will be in here.
He was leafing through the pages and attempting to find where he had left off when he heard footsteps on the other side of the front door. The soft jingle of a key ring and a low creak as the screen door opened.
Jack looked up from the book, holding his breath in anticipation.



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  1. I like Progression #38’s images, and the suspense… I’d like to think I know what happens next but predictable and linear isn’t your style 😉

    1. Thanks! Yes, I certainly try to be unpredictable / unconventional with my writing- If I’m bored with it when I read it then it just ends up in the trash- The next post is being worked on right now, stay tuned & have a great day! 😉

  2. The writing is really wonderful and the lay-out intriguing, but please readers, help…the posts are difficult to read and hard on the eyes…would recommend changing – please therefore readers say if I am right or not – to help make this the great blog it is!

      1. No problem! You were the third person to voice a concern with reading them- I knew I had to do something about it, but didn’t want to have to spend days “rebuilding” the text and art for each post- So I found a theme that presented the posts in a larger format. Have a great one!

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