Progression #32

[Chapter Eight – “The Journal” [V.I] — Part Six of Six]

progression number thirty-two

{To be continued…}

[Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer]

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May 23rd-

The endless wars continue- Millions dead- Families broken and cities destroyed. Cries of suffering, cries of protest. Violence spreads from nation to nation and the bloodstains don’t wash out.

Half of the public doesn’t even know why the soldiers are fighting- They parrot back the latest propaganda from the nightly news and go about their business.

The jobs continue to disappear and the prices continue to rise- Records numbers of homeless- It has all been going on for so long that


most accept it as the new normal.

The average person has been trained and conditioned to feel powerless- That it is all out of their control- The path has been decided for them and it cannot be altered.

Thousands have been abducted from their homes and disappeared to create a chilling effect- A message that says: “Shut up. Don’t think for yourself. Don’t question our totalitarian authority.”

An artificial prison has been constructed their minds and they still consider themselves to be free people.


A few still remain, though- Quietly setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of those around them.

Hoping and pleading for compassion and love. For blessed are the peacemakers.

I sit and contemplate everything that my ancestors went through to allow me to reach this moment in history and I wonder what they would expect from me.

How would they have responded to this modern society- To the trickery and control, to the lies and deception?