Progression #28

[Chapter Eight- “The Journal” [V.I] — Part Two of Six]

progression number twenty-eight

{To be continued…}

[Original writing & photography & artwork by J. E. Lattimer]

© 2012 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved


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Jack skipped ahead a few pages and continued reading-

May 18th-

Charlotte and I had just finished breakfast and were sitting on the front porch. We were having a simple conversation and sharing a cigarette.

“Oh my God,” Charlotte said. “Does he have a gun?”

I turned and looked. An old man was stumbling down the sidewalk with a rifle. Tears were streaming from his eyes and he was screaming curse words.

“Let’s go inside.” I said.


We slipped into the condo before the man noticed our presence. I turned the deadbolt and was peeking through the blinds on the front window- Watching him as he passed by.

“Hey, wait-” I said. “What’s that over there?”

A huge column of black smoke was raising into the air a block or two away. The source of the fire was a mystery.

Charlotte looked through and gasped. “We should call the cops.”

I shook my head. “You know that they bill you for that now.”


I walked to the room that functioned as my studio and turned the news on- Hoping that there would be some sort of coverage explaining these bizarre events.

Charlotte joined me with an expensive bottle of vintage port clutched in one hand. She lifted the bottle and took a drink.

“Isn’t it a bit early for that?” I said.

She shrugged and handed the bottle to me.

I swallowed a mouthful of the powerful wine while staring at the new canvas I was working on.


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