Progression #27

[Chapter Eight- “The Journal” [V. I] — Part One of Six]

progression number twenty-seven

{To be continued…}

[Original writing and photography by J. E. Lattimer]

© 2012 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved


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Back in the studio, Jack Altomare had finished looking through all of the documents contained within the folder. 

“Nothing like reading your own obituary.” He muttered under his breath.

The contents of the folder had clearly demonstrated that here, in this version of the earth, he had been killed two years ago.

Many of the details were vague, but the actual date of his passing was the same day that he had been hospitalized for different reasons in his world.


He closed the folder and sat it back down on the desktop.

“That’s just great.” He said.

A few hardback sketchbooks were stacked on the floor next to the drawing table.

Jack crouched down and grabbed the one on top. A cursory glance through was enough for him to recognize his own handwriting. The book had apparently been used as a journal- But Jack had never seen the diary before. In fact, he had never believed in keeping one.

He sat down and opened to a random entry:


May 15th-

I was walking around the streets downtown this afternoon. Taking pictures of the protesters and talking to people.

A man in a black business suit sat down in the middle of the street nearby. He poured a small container of what I now assume to be gasoline upon himself.

I didn’t realize that the liquid was anything flammable at the time- It was only after he produced a lighter and went up in flames that I fully understood what was happening.


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  1. A fun entry. I remember how upset I was when I found out I’d been dead for awhile. I’ve been dead now for 12 years. The shock doesn’t wear off.

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