Progression #24

[Chapter Seven- “The Cemetery” — Part Four of Six]

progression number twenty-four

{To be continued…}

[Original photography by J. E. Lattimer]

© 2012 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved

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You came to me

in a dream


blurry expressions

shadowed by

my subconscious

A delusion

A ghost

Fading and ebbing


A mind clouded

Surreal fingers


for a fragment

of something


anything to grasp


Reaching for

a nightmare

upon sweat drenched


a pillow

to soak up

the shock

of reality


The stars above me

bleed jagged


A circling mind

Moonbeam halos

spinning an illusion

A soft

feather-like whisper


a dewdrop memory


Falling fast asleep

to a dreadful lullaby

Glittering dust

in a blackened sky

An apparition

floating upon desire

Charlotte closed the small notebook and sighed…


16 thoughts on “Progression #24

    1. Thanks very much, mobius faith! Yes, that is the eventual plan– I’m also working on a graphic novel that has not been shared on the internet. I’m hoping to have that one finished by the end of the winter, if all goes well. Thanks for reading & keep up the great work over there!

    1. Thank you, Felicia! I knew when I started this series that I wanted to run off on a poetry collaboration tangent at some point, it just took a bit longer to get there than I originally thought it would… Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the weekend! 🙂

  1. Hi there, I agree with domtakis “the stars bleed jagged teardrops” is a great set up of words & “feather like whisper upon a dewdrop memory ” conjures a good feeling in me.

    1. Thank you very much! This collaboration was challenging & a lot of fun- I’m glad that so many people enjoyed the result! Have a great day! 🙂

  2. “… a pillow to soak up the shock of reality…” I’ve been looking for one of those for years! Sadly, I can never find one in Housewares… : P

    1. Ha! Thanks for the great comment, Mark- Yeah, I haven’t found one of those pillows yet, either- Maybe I should check Amazon. Have a great day!

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