Progression #27

[Chapter Eight- “The Journal” [V. I] — Part One of Six]

progression number twenty-seven

{To be continued…}

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Back in the studio, Jack Altomare had finished looking through all of the documents contained within the folder. 

“Nothing like reading your own obituary.” He muttered under his breath.

The contents of the folder had clearly demonstrated that here, in this version of the earth, he had been killed two years ago.

Many of the details were vague, but the actual date of his passing was the same day that he had been hospitalized for different reasons in his world.


He closed the folder and sat it back down on the desktop.

“That’s just great.” He said.

A few hardback sketchbooks were stacked on the floor next to the drawing table.

Jack crouched down and grabbed the one on top. A cursory glance through was enough for him to recognize his own handwriting. The book had apparently been used as a journal- But Jack had never seen the diary before. In fact, he had never believed in keeping one.

He sat down and opened to a random entry:


May 15th-

I was walking around the streets downtown this afternoon. Taking pictures of the protesters and talking to people.

A man in a black business suit sat down in the middle of the street nearby. He poured a small container of what I now assume to be gasoline upon himself.

I didn’t realize that the liquid was anything flammable at the time- It was only after he produced a lighter and went up in flames that I fully understood what was happening.


Progression #25

[Chapter Seven- “The Cemetery” — Part Five of Six]

progression number twenty-five

{To be continued…}

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Charlotte slowly made her way back through the many rows of the cornfield. She reached the barbed wire fence and ducked underneath it again.

She crossed over to the cemetery and was walking past the last headstone in the row when she noticed a message carved just below the last name-


She read over the words again and tried to decide if she agreed with the message or not.


A life-size statue of the anointed one was hanging from a massive black cross near the center of the cemetery. His eyes were closed and his head was leaning to the side.

Charlotte gravitated toward the statue. She stared up at the crown of thorns and the thin rivulets of blood. The sculpture had been crafted with such care that it almost seemed real.

A sinister looking tree loomed over the dead on one side while a clear blue sky was free from obstruction on the other.


She walked away from the statue and down the gravel road in the direction of her late husband’s final resting place.

“I am heading back home now, Jack.” Charlotte said to the headstone. “I’ll try to make it out here to visit you again over the next couple of days.”

She remained there for a few more minutes, listening to the wind blowing gently through the trees and trying to remember what it had felt like when Jack had kissed her.

“I love you.” She said.

Progression #24

[Chapter Seven- “The Cemetery” — Part Four of Six]

progression number twenty-four

{To be continued…}

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You came to me

in a dream


blurry expressions

shadowed by

my subconscious

A delusion

A ghost

Fading and ebbing


A mind clouded

Surreal fingers


for a fragment

of something


anything to grasp


Reaching for

a nightmare

upon sweat drenched


a pillow

to soak up

the shock

of reality


The stars above me

bleed jagged


A circling mind

Moonbeam halos

spinning an illusion

A soft

feather-like whisper


a dewdrop memory


Falling fast asleep

to a dreadful lullaby

Glittering dust

in a blackened sky

An apparition

floating upon desire

Charlotte closed the small notebook and sighed…

Progression #23

[Chapter Seven- “The Cemetery” — Part Three of Six]

progression number twenty-three

{To be continued…}

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The wounds on her hands were minor cuts, but would require a disinfectant to be applied when she returned home.

Charlotte ducked under the fence and walked into the altered corn field. She continued until many rows of the bizarre stalks obstructed the cemetery from view.

She pulled a fountain pen and a small notebook from the back pocket of her jeans and took a seat upon the earth. She opened the book on her lap and started writing…

Progression #22

[Chapter Seven- “The Cemetery” — Part Two of Six]

progression number twenty-two

{To be continued…}

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Charlotte kneeled beneath the tree and spoke to Jack’s gravestone as if he was really sitting there, next to her. It was something that had become a secret ritual for her since the armies of the night had taken her husband’s life two years ago.

She would come to this spot and pour her guts out every week or so- Telling his grave every detail of her day-to-day life. Things that would never be uttered to her friends and family.

Jack was there, quietly listening beneath the earth. 


Jack had visited her in a dream three nights ago. The two of them had been laughing and joking around while hiking through a dense forest.

“Life hasn’t been the same without you.” Charlotte had said to him.

Jack had stopped walking at that point and had become very serious.

“Do not despair, Charlotte. I will be returning to this world.”

And that had been the end of the dream. She had been crying when she woke up.


Charlotte stood up from the gravesite and walked to the edge of the cemetery. A simple barbed wire fence separated her from the sprawling cornfield on the other side.

The stalks did not even remotely resemble the way they had looked when she had been a child, growing up on the farm. Nearly everything had been genetically modified, and now all of the plant life had a symmetrical appearance to it.

She placed her hands upon the barbed wire and screamed as blood started trickling from her palms. 

Progression #21

[Chapter Seven- “The Cemetery” — Part One of Six]

progression number twenty-one

{To be continued…}

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Charlotte flicked the turn signal on and slowed the car. She veered off of the two-lane highway and onto a narrow gravel road that led into a small, quiet cemetery.

A quick scan revealed that she had the graveyard all to herself- No one else was visiting the resting place of their loved one.

She gradually rolled the tires over the gravel until she reached the back of the lot and parked the car. As Charlotte stepped outside she felt a sinking feeling in her stomach.


There were two massive, sprawling cemeteries within the city, but the will had clearly stipulated that he had wanted to be buried out here, in the country.

Two years had passed since she had stood here in the rain and watched the casket being lowered into the ground. Some days it seemed like it had happened yesterday.

Charlotte walked past many gravestones and wondered what their lives had been like- Had they found love and happiness? Were they now in a better place?


And they do not know what tomorrow is. What are our lives except a vapor that appears for a little while and vanishes and passes away?

Man is like a breath; his days are like a fleeting shadow

Charlotte slowed her stroll and approached the next gravestone with the usual apprehension.

“I miss you so much.” She said.

She kneeled down in front of the marker and had to reach out and grab hold of it to steady herself. The name carved into the stone was Jack Altomare.

Progression #20

[Chapter Six- “The Freeway” — Part Two of Two]

progression number twenty

{To be continued…}

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The traffic thinned out as Charlotte journeyed further away from the city. She turned off of the freeway and headed west on a two-lane highway.

Concrete and steel gave way to open fields and oddly symmetrical trees and foliage. The air smelled better, cleaner, as she left the metropolis behind.

An inner peace settled over her. The stress of the workweek was gradually melting away.

A single, solitary cloud was drifting across the blue sky and she felt as lonely as the cloud.


But she was not just driving aimlessly around the countryside- There was a real destination, and it was only another ten miles down the highway. Charlotte had committed the route to memory, and would be able to make the drive with her eyes closed.

It was a site that she loved and feared. It was a place where she had cried her eyes out on numerous occasions and the only place she could truly escape from the technocracy that was smothering every aspect of modern life in the city.


She missed the life that she had once enjoyed with her husband, Jack, before the forces of darkness had descended upon the world. The good old days had been full of happiness and love- Back when the future had seemed so bright and full of limitless possibilities.

But the planet had been conquered by greedy power junkies. Technology had been turned against the naive and unsuspecting public.

Charlotte understood that these days were prophesied long ago- But that certainly didn’t make living through them any easier…

Progression #19

[Chapter Six- “The Freeway” — Part One of Two]

progression number nineteen

{To be continued…}

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Charlotte Altomare turned the key in the ignition and backed the car out of the parking space. She steered the vehicle around the turns at a dangerous speed while navigating her way up each floor of the parking garage.

When she reached the exit at street level she found a scene very reminiscent of what she had encountered while leaving the factory- A row of cars waiting to get out, only this time the machine posted at the gate didn’t require facial recognition- Just a simple swipe of a key card.


While she was waiting Charlotte rolled the window down and flicked the ashes off of her cigarette. She turned the stereo on and cranked the volume up as high as it would go.

The gate opened for the car in front of her and it was her turn- She reached out with the blue key card and tapped it against the front of the machine. The gate popped up once again and she accelerated out onto the street without looking.

They’re just going to have to watch out for me. She thought.


Charlotte traveled through two intersections before merging right onto the onramp that led to the freeway. She firmly gripped the stick while shifting up to eighty miles per hour. There was a quick glance back over her shoulder, then she was merging left into the nearest lane.

She pushed the car up to ninety miles per hour and watched the skyline of the city shrinking in her rear view mirror.

A river of traffic was flowing all around her and she was lost within it…