Progression #15

[Chapter Four- “Home” — Part Two of Three]
progression number fifteen
{To be continued…}

[Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer]

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“Hello?” Jack called out. He closed the door and snapped the deadbolt back into place.

“Charlotte? Are you home?”

No response. He stood next to the door and calmly surveyed the first two rooms within the condo- The living room and the kitchen.

Certain things had remained the same while other aspects were completely different. The appliances in the kitchen were much more elaborate than he remembered and he did not recognize most of the artwork hanging on the walls.


Jack took a few tentative steps across the room. He felt like an intruder in his own home.

The large bookshelf was still in the corner, but he didn’t know the titles and authors displayed on the spines. He pulled a large history book from the shelf and quickly flipped through it.

There was no longer any doubt that he was experiencing a different version of the earth.

“This is unbelievable.” Jack said.

He placed the book upon the nearby coffee table.


He glanced toward the hallway and realized that a black cat was peeking around the edge of the door frame, watching him.

“Hermes!” Jack said. “Hey, buddy, come over here…”

The cat approached him and smelled Jack’s hand as he leaned down to pet him between the ears.

“I’m so glad that you haven’t changed!” Jack said.

The cat started purring while rubbing up against his leg.

He stood up and sighed. It was time to search through the rest of the condo for clues…


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  1. I’ve been wondering what Jack would find once inside the condo. Intriguing, same but different, and Hermes still there to greet him…

    1. Thanks for reading, Ella Dee- More surprises / twists still to come- I’m working on part 16 right now… Have a great day over there! 🙂

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