Progression #2

[Chapter One- “The Trail” — Part Two of Six]

progression number two

[To be continued…]

[Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer]

© 2012 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved


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Jack closed and locked the front door of the condo. He traveled down two flights of stairs to reach street level.
It was another hot and humid summer day. A few beads of sweat had already broken out across his brow by the time he reached the sidewalk. He walked over the elaborate pattern of shadows cast upon the concrete by the countless tree branches overhead.
He removed the lid from the water bottle and enjoyed a drink while trying not to think about the heat.


It seemed like every other house that he passed by had a red “FOR SALE” sign posted in the front yard. Jack had attempted to explain the housing bubble [And many other aspects of the economy] to family and friends since moving back to the small city a year ago- But no one seemed to care.
A massive weeping willow stood on the next corner. He paused momentarily to observe the long and narrow leaves and the mazelike furrows across the gray bark of the willow before continuing on his way.


An old red minivan pulled up to the curb next to where Jack was walking. An old man sitting behind the wheel- A compete stranger to Jack- Appeared to be alone inside of the vehicle.
“Hey- Buddy! Can you tell me how to get to the hospital from here?” The old man yelled out of the open passenger side window.
Jack walked over to the van and gave him basic directions.
“Thanks so much!” The man said. The van sped off down the road. Jack shrugged- A bit confused- And then continued on his way.


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  1. I’ve been away and behind on reading posts, but am catching up, and can see another installment waiting for me. Enjoying the style of these 🙂

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