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Dorothy Dauzart reached into the cupboard in the kitchen and removed a clean coffee mug. She dropped two tablespoons of raw sugar into it, then grabbed the handle of the freshly brewed pot of French Roast and poured the dark liquid on top of the sugar.

The usual morning ritual.  Dorothy thought.  How long had it been since she had spent a morning without a pot of coffee?

Maybe that could be a blog post

She walked out of the kitchen while holding the hot mug loosely in her right hand and approached the glowing screen of the laptop computer that was patiently waiting for her in the living room.

the unknown blog 1-

Dorothy sat down in front of the computer and placed the coffee on the edge of the desk. She immediately took the machine online and clicked on the bookmarked tab for her blog. She took a few tentative sips of coffee while typing her password in with one finger and waiting for the website to load.

After much deliberation she had named the blog ‘DorothyDauzartTheUnknown.’ Certainly not the most original name for a blog, but all of the other names she had written down that night had seemed either silly or pretentious.

“What?  Nothing?”  Dorothy said.  The site had finished loading and she was presented with a flat line graph for her daily stats.  No new visitors.

I don’t understand, she thought. The post I made last night was one of my best ever.  Not a single person has seen it?

She used the mouse to scroll down and looked at the post she had created the day before. It was short and sweet compared to many of the long, rambling pieces that she published on the blog.

No One Speaks the Truth‘ was the title at the top.

Ten short lines of writing were presented below the title:

“Let everyone beware of his neighbor,

and put no trust in any brother,

for every brother is a deceiver,

and every neighbor goes about as a slanderer.

Everyone deceives his neighbor,

and no one speaks the truth;

they have taught their tongue to speak lies;

they weary themselves committing iniquity.

Heaping oppression upon oppression,

and deceit upon deceit…”

Directly beneath those words she had uploaded a blurry black and white photograph of a man and woman arguing in front of a garbage dumpster.  The man’s mouth was open, yelling at the woman.  His eyes were little closed slits of anger and he was leaning in towards the woman with his index finger pointed directly at her face.  The woman’s back was turned toward the camera, so it was impossible to make out her expression.

Dorothy had found the words for the post in the Bible [The book of Jeremiah, to be precise].  She had debated on whether or not to identify the quote as such, but had eventually decided not to do so.

The black and white photo had been captured with the camera on her cellphone a week ago.  She had been running late to work and was racing across the parking lot behind the apartment building, moving toward her car.  The couple that lived on the second floor had been arguing loudly in front of the dumpster.  Something about rent and money and sex. The man was acting really aggressive and calling the woman many horrible things.  Dorothy had pulled the cell from her purse and snapped the picture while moving [Which had caused the grainy, blurry look].

No visitors and no ‘likes‘ or comments.  She groaned and took another sip of coffee.

Dorothy had been publishing one new post every single day for over a year now.  The work presented was a blend of short stories, original photography, quotes from books and famous people, and a few free writing sessions that were more like journal entries than anything else.

A handful of people had stopped by here and there to check out her stuff.  Two people had even left comments.  One positive and the other negative.  But, despite all of the time and effort spent, she still remained the same as when she had created the blog and published the very first post-  Dorothy Dauzart, The Unknown.

She used the mouse to scroll further down on the screen, looking over some of the more recent posts:

Three days ago

A long journal entry called “Drudgery.”    It was about how much she hated her job, how it didn’t pay enough and how she constantly felt humiliated by both the customers and her coworkers.  Many embarrassing details with a photograph of her name tag at the bottom.

Four days ago

A dark short story called “Desperate Times” about a woman who had been out of work for so long that she was debating on suicide.

Seven days ago

Two posts:  The first was a short poem called “Skin,” about how much she longed to feel someone snuggling up next to her under the covers in the darkened bedroom again.  The second was a photograph of a feral cat that prowled around her neighborhood.  She had titled the photo “Undomesticated.”

Nine days ago

Detached“–  An essay of sorts about loneliness, how she was surrounded by people in the city and had technology and social media integrated into her life-  And yet still felt totally alone.

Eleven days ago

The post was called “Absorbed” and it was a confession of sorts about her addiction to blogging.

Twenty days ago

An untitled photograph of the new pair of shoes she had purchased while out shopping that weekend.

Dorothy scrolled back to the top of the page and clicked on “New Post.”  She typed two words for the title:

The Future.”

She uploaded a black and white picture from her documents of a wilted flower leaning over onto a patch of dead grass.  She clicked on “Photography” in the list of categories off on the edge of the screen and then typed in the usual list of tags.

 Dorothy used the mouse to move the cursor over to “Publish” and clicked on it.

the unknown blog 2-

[Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer]

© 2012, 2013 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved


21 thoughts on “The Unknown Blog

  1. So, here I am reading your newest post…all the while thinking how many people have felt this way…laughing because I am now on my laptop struggling with what to write next…you pulled me in and then………..left me to my own imagination!!! I love that you are so mean…making (me) your readers finish the story. Well done my friend…well done! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Christina! Not trying to be mean, though 🙂 I will eventually get around to finishing the ‘Impressions’ story that I’ve posted the first 3 parts of [And that will have a real ending!] as well as a few longer stories and possibly another long ‘serial’ posted in chapters as well… Just about finding the time. Thanks for reading and good luck with the writing!

    1. Thanks! This one just sort of came out of nowhere– One of those stories that just showed up fairly complete and it was about typing it before I lost it… As far as where it leads… I don’t know if this character will be revisited or not– The writing style / approach I’ve decided to take for many of the short stories on here has been intentionally experimental, kind of like a fly on the wall snapshot with a very long shutter, if that makes sense… I typically get annoyed with most popular writers who force structure upon their characters [With convenient endings that suddenly wrap things up], when life is never like that, it just goes on, and on… Thanks for reading and have a great day over there!

    1. Thanks, Stacy Michelle! I’m working on a few stories that will be much longer than the last few– It has been a really busy summer & incredibly hot as well– Trying to juggle the writing, painting and photography as well as a collaboration with another blog coming up soon, a couple books I’m working on [And trying to still have time for a life, too! ;)]. Thanks for reading– And you know what? You’re right, the bold words do seem to go together– Totally unintentional, but I’ll take it!

  2. I like to wander and land on titles that pull at my curiosity streak…
    you have written what I think all of us go through…and have done a remarkable job
    at capturing thoughts we don’t say out loud…
    I really like this one…
    a really good thought provoking post
    Take Care..

    1. Thank you very much, lady blue! This was one of those rare stories that just showed up in my thoughts fairly complete and ready to go, all I had to do was type it and create the photos / art. A part of me wanted to expand it and take it further, but I thought on it for a day or two before posting and decided that it was better short and [Bitter] sweet. Thanks for reading & enjoy the day!

  3. I like the way you’ve written this post.
    I was glancing at your ‘Recent Posts’ widget and many titles caught my eye, this being one of them. This is the first post that I’ve read on your blog and it was very nice. I loved the poem and also the titles that you’ve given to Dorothy’s various posts (because I’m always pulling my hair when I’m deciding a title for my blog posts). So all in all, good work!

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Meghna! *Sorry for the late response, the last couple of days have been incredibly busy* This was a story that just showed up, out of the blue, pretty much ready to go… I tried not to question it, just created it as quickly as possible. I tried to force it to be a longer tale, but it wanted to remain short and sweet. Thanks for reading and have a great day!

  4. This is a very nice post. I like the progression from one feeling to another thru the days and weeks. Ultimately we all even thru technology, with its propensity to isolate, seek human touch! Very well captured!

    1. Thanks for reading & for the comment, MJ- Yes, that is exactly what I was trying to capture with this tale, I’m glad that someone out there properly understood its meaning! -That, and it was also a subtle satire on blogging, posted on a blog, which seemed like another contradiction that paralleled the isolation with technology, modern life, etc. Have a great day!

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