Dream Journal #2- The Twenty-Ninth of May

The first thing I remember-  I am standing in a field that is littered with garbage and old machine parts.  I look down and realize that my clothes are all ripped up and muddy.  My fingernails are bleeding and throbbing with pain but I have no idea how I hurt them.

Slight tingle on the back of my neck.  The distinct feeling that I am being watched.

I turn around and discover that there is an old decrepit building about fifty feet away, on the outer edge of the field.  A few of the windows are broken out, some are open.  It looks like an old factory of some kind, but I don’t see any signs or doors.  I’m just turning away from the building when I notice that someone is moving past one of the open windows on the second floor.

At first it looks like a man staring out of the window at me, then I realize that the proportions are all wrong for a normal human.  The head is way too big, the eyes don’t look right and the color of the skin is all off.  The deformed figure draws closer to the window, now staring down at me with one huge eye.

I am frozen in place, suddenly terrified by the creature and the way it is looking at me.

dream journal 2-

Somehow I manage to break out of the trance it has on me.  I turn back around and start running through the field.  I have only traveled a short distance when an siren of some sort goes off.  It is a loud, repetitive “chirping – buzz” sound, ringing out over and over and over…

The image of the field disappears.  Everything is swallowed by sudden darkness.

A moment later I’m opening my eyes.  I realize that I’m laying in my bed and the sound that I took to be a siren is actually the alarm clock.

As I climb out of bed to turn it off the memory of the creature watching me resurfaces and I feel a slight chill crawling up my spine.

dream journal 2 photo 2-

[Original writing & photography by J. E. Lattimer]

© 2012, 2013 J. E. Lattimer all rights reserved


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